bOBBIE a. 52,

houston, texas, usa

Melissa R, 37,

San Francisco, California, USA

I invested in private coaching with Melissa because I was in a -situationship- with a man who had been divorced for 9 months. At the beginning, he was obviously interested in me as it showed in his actions but as time went on, I kept getting mixed behavior from him. I felt lonely,sad and confused that this situation was stagnating.

 I had been reading relationship coach different blogs for advice and I was hesitant about private coaching because I didn't want to hear the same things. 

 But not wanting to waste any more time on this situationship, I wrote to Melissa  and we set up a free call. I really liked Melissa's approach so I decided to sign up for a coaching package with her.

 I was very happy that I did!  Melissa is kind, understanding, soft spoken, a great listener and very knowledgeable about relationships and men.

 I am and always will be a work in progress.  Melissa showed me how to authentically connect with men and communicate with them in an empowered feminine energy way.  

 She gave me several, modifiable scripts to use in different types of situations that I will use forever - for example.. Expressing boundaries, how to say yes, how to say no, expressing in feminine terms how I feel without making anyone feel bad.  

 For example:  If I had a date and they cancelled at the last minute.. she taught me what to say.  I am now more aware of my choice of words so if I chose to walk away from a unfriendly or uncomfortable situation, I know how to do it in a high value way.

 The package I chose included a lot of text and email support which was very convenient and practical. I enjoyed our coaching sessions over the phone.

 Melissa is very knowledgeable and approachable.  Our one month coaching flew by. She really is AWESOME! Thanks to her coaching, I discovered my power, my sense of self-worth and was able to make a giant leap and I ended the situationship with the man. Fast forward… Now he wants us to meet and discuss...things:)


“I was a hot mess when came to Melissa because I had just found out that my husband was emailing other women online and he had an Ashley Madison account! I needed help on how to confront him and how to manage my overwhelm of emotions.

I had been going to psychotherapy for over a month after I had found out about his dalliances, and still had not had the courage to confront him. I had been holding this in for over a month worrying about how to talk to my husband about it without breaking all the dishes in the house.

After an hour of talking with Melissa, I felt so much better and more clear about how to move forward. Melissa taught me specific tools to help me stay grounded and open so that I could express myself in a way that wouldn't escalate my emotional overwhelm. I felt much more confident and I felt so supported. It gave me the courage to talk to my husband that very night after our call.

It was challenging, but because I stayed open and grounded, I did not lose my temper. And today I am feeling more hopeful about our relationship and marriage than I was before.

We certainly have some things to work on, but the tools that I learned from Melissa gave me the courage to be radically honest and helped open the door to deeper intimacy, closeness and hope in my relationship.”

Rachel A., 37, Australia

“I came across Melissa during an emotionally agonizing period for myself. My husband of 12 years and I were not getting along and I was finding it very difficult to decide how I wanted to move forward. With two young children, I was not keen to separate. I did not like the idea of putting them through parental divorce if we could work things out. Being coached by Melissa was incredibly helpful. Not only was she understanding and non-judgemental, but incredibly supportive of my choices. She is very personable, and whilst we were never able to meet face to face (as I am literally on the other side of the world!), Melissa’s communication and suggestions on how to deal with things were fantastic. I could feel her warmth and passion for her profession come through and she was exactly what I needed. Thanks Melissa!”

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