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Melissa Audrey


You know you’re a catch and dating men but…

dating a struggle-fest with creeps and undesirable men?

You felt in in your bones that you met your Mr. Right - and he turns out to be yet another man who’s confused and doesn’t know what he wants...

you attract low-value men or men who just want to get in bed?

you feel like you intimidate men with your success?


you’re in a committed relationship but…

you’re feeling frustrated that everything you’ve tried to make your relationship work has resulted in nothing changing?

you’re feeling pissed off because you do the ‘‘work’’ in the relationship and your man does nothing?

you’re losing faith that the man you’re with will ever make you feel like a priority again?

you wonder why other women seem to have all the luck with men?

I've been through so much that's painful to even remember, and makes me just feel amazed at the chasm of difference between where I once was and where I am now in my love life....and I know you can get what you want, just like I did. Here are just some of the hardships I’ve dealt with.

  • a difficult childhood

  • shyness that almost stunted me

  • major body shame (it took decades to smile with my mouth open and get over hearing from adults that my legs were like sticks)

  • depression and anxiety

When I was dating, I had no trouble attracting men. Even though I attracted all types of men- even good ones- I chose the ones who were’t able to give me what I wanted.

I met one guy when I was 19, studying in college and working in a nightclub. We fell in love and I really thought he was the one.

He treated me so well: spent a lot of time with me, expressed his feelings for me, did lots of things for me and was quite generous.

Everything was perfect. We spoke of marriage and our future children. It was pure bliss!

Then about 3 months later he started to pull away and act cold with me. One day he broke up with me saying ‘‘I don’t believe in us anymore’’.

My heart dropped, the world stopped for me. I was in shock! When I questioned him about his decision he reluctantly admitted that he was embarrassed to introduce me to his family and friends because I worked in a nightclub. The nightclub that he frequented! Where we met!

What? Seriously!? I chose to keep my job because it was helping to pay for my education. I decided to move out of my mom’s home and rent an apartment very close to where he lived in the hopes that he’d come to his senses.

Well, that didn’t work! I got over him but interestingly enough, he tried to get me back years later but I was no longer interested.

Then there was one older guy I dated who expressed to me during our time together ‘‘if only you were 5 years older’’.

He felt that my age was what prevented us from the type of conversations that he wanted to have.

Oh, he was good to me in many ways BUT he only wanted to spend time with me every other weekend.

When we did go out on dates, I always paid and was proud to do so. HAHAHA I was quite young!

Anyway, I pined away for him, always thinking up ways to see older, more mature so that he would fall in love with me.

I began to feel so lonely and depressed after trying to be something that I was not so I finally let him go.

I knew I deserved better and the breakup was soooo painful for me and also one of the best decisions I ever made

I chose to take action and become the woman I am today and I have the relationship, self-love and confidence that I always wanted but didn’t think was possible for me to have.

One day, I decided enough of those wrong types and made the decision that I was worthy of and would only have a generous and high-character man to share my life with.

A man who would love me and accept me exactly as I was.I decided that I would be open to dating men who weren’t my type. I decided to give different types of men a chance and so I did.

I remained open and receptive and eventually I started to see the man who would become my husband.

From the get go, he accepted me for who I was. I was younger, wearing braces, still a student and still working in a nightclub.

He wanted to spend time with me all the time, I felt cherished, loved and adored. He paid and planned for all of our dates.

He was so different from every other man I had ever met and believe me, I met tons of men from all walks of life every single day.

He was the one!

If you are attracting and choosing men who aren't treating you the way you deserve to be treated or aren’t attracting the high-caliber man a lovely, smart woman like you deserves OR

if your love life is hanging by a thread, and you feel like a divorce or separation is imminent - I know what that feels like and I can quickly help you...

I hear you. I understand you because I’ve been there.

It was good but my then boyfriend and i experienced some very tough years.  

We were two adult children of divorce from very dysfunctional, and often times neglectful childhoods, trying to navigate our way through a romantic relationship .

Two adults without any good relationship role models to guide us. What we did have was a very powerful physical attraction and deep love for one another.

We had terrible fights, no intimacy, stalemates sometimes lasting weeks and much more. Our love and deep attraction to one another was the glue that kept us together.

Barely. Any other couple would have separated.It was a miracle that we stayed together!

Even though we were engaged,  there was no way that we were going to get married given the terrible state of our relationship.

One Valentine's Day, my man initiated a relationship talk and we spoke for hours. It was one of the most heart wrenching days of our lives. It was mutually agreed upon that if our relationship didn't improve soon, it would have to end.

It was a defining moment in my life when my man explained exactly what it was that made him withdraw from me. For the first time in our relationship , I listened to my man and heard him. It was a sobering moment.

But it was then that I truly took responsibility for my role in the demise of our relationship.

I dove into inner work, self-improvement and took my focus away from my man. I changed my behaviour, my thoughts, my actions and my words by honouring my true self.

I realized that diving into ourselves is what we actually WANT to do in relationships, but we tend to think pouring even more energy into keeping the other person happy is the solution. I realized that it is not.

Before long before my man started warming up to me. In fact, I saw some results immediately and that motivated me and encouraged me to continue.

It took some time but I developed a way to completely turn around my relationship without asking my man to work on the relationship with me.

We got married a year and a half later just months before our 16 year anniversary.  Today we are happily married and have been together for 18 years.

My methods worked brilliantly for me and I know they can work for you too.

Not your garden variety stuff but stuff that works even though it may seem counter-intuitive at first. I know that it's never too late to attract a high-character man and be adored by him and it's never too late to get married. I'm living proof!

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I look forward to getting to know you and helping you get exactly what you want!

Love, Melissa